Dana 80 vs 14 bolt ground clearance


This is often referred to as a shaved cover as you cut/shave 1. the dana 80 isnt a 1 ton axle its 1. Ford F550 Severe Duty Stage 1 and F550 Severe Duty Stage 2. But I'm looking at a 3" wider axle, so need to backspace my wheels 1. And i also thought that my rear axle is a 10. Professionally welded in our fabrication shop by our experienced welders. The dana 70 open knuckle front used this same forging but was bored for the 3. Dana 60 & Dana 44 Flange for Toyota 14 BOLT FLANGES ALSO CUSTOM. 25 vs. Folks have installed this PML Dana 80 rear differential cover on Ford and Dodge trucks and Ford motorhomes to increase cooling and extend the life of the differential. 25 or 10. 1J4GA5D17AL133683 Research the 2012 BMW X3 28i in Broken Arrow, OK from Jim Norton Chevrolet. Easily find parts for ring and pinion gears, differentials, axle shafts, manual transmission parts, and transfer case parts, using our easy eCatalog. motomatrix. 5-inch diff is available with 4. 56s (what both current axles already have) for my target RPM but I was doing a quick check (didn't exhaust every source) for 4. Takes a lot more abuse in the rocks and hard landings I also dont have to worry about axle issues with 35,s The good thing is that the later 10. Trailer Parts Superstore offers these Sale Specials and Red Tag Close-outs at a greatly reduced selling price. The 14 bolt is also much easier to setup gears in than the Dana 80. Your differential cover is one reason you don't have to worry about smashing up your Jeep's guts when you're out on the trail. BK 14 Bolt Differential SHAVE Cover W/hardware: BK Dana 60 Differential Cover W/Hardware: BK Dana 80 Differential Cover W/Hardware: Busted Knuckle 14 bolt diff covers are the best of the best! 3/8" thick steel and can take everything you can throw at it. Choose top quality brands Daystar, Pro Comp Suspension, Rancho, ReadyLIFT, Skyjacker, Superlift, Tuff Country. But if you’re strictly wanting to know which one is I've personally seen the semi-float 14 bolts doing jobs that a Dana 80 really should be doing. a Dana 70(same case as the 60) already has the 35 spline axles. I big down fall Even so, reality and experience says 14-bolt axles are more than adequate for all but the most extreme off-road uses. So, while the Dana 60 has a stronger housing than the Dana 44, it’s not by a massive amount, especially for the larger Dana 44s. The drive flanges are made from Aircraft Quality Materials and the cap is engraved with our famous mountain and flag RCV Logo. Some have attempted to machine and clock the Dana 300 down to skirt the driveshaft under the transmission pan to avoid this problem, only to find out that it destroys ground clearance I have a narrowed 14 bolt and a 3/4 ton dana44 in my xj The front housing is a lot stronger than a jk 44 although the shaft u-joints are smaller. 11 gears is less than one-half of one percent. 1 and No. Dana Identification numbers question??? then just get a 14 bolt. S. A new design for optimal ground clearance and better packaging for maximum up travel have been achieved by casting in the upper control arm mount and moving the pinion bearing oil galley allowing for a 2. A new and more complete look at converting a 14-Bolt to disc brakes, including weld-on and bolt-on brackets, a larger calliper option, and a detailed look at wheel stud and wheel nut options. The smaller 9. Using the bulletproof 14 Bolt center section we build the axle to your specifications. 5 if you were to become dissatisfied with the 11. and also the corporate 14 has bad ground Jeep Bolt in Axle Assemblies, Builder Axles, Competition Axles, King Pin, Dana 60, Dana 80, 14 Bolt, Front End Kits, 1 Ton Axles, Super King Pin, 40 Spline, Fabricated 9", Fabricated 10", Gearworks, Offroad Axles, Jeep JK ABS It is perfectly ok to run 4. High Capacity Differential Covers Magnetic drain plug and anodized aluminum dipstick with magnetic insert O-rings require no gaskets or sealant Routine lube maintenance without removing the differential cover 1/8 NPT temperature sender port 303 stainless steel hardware Lube level reference plug Finned aircraft aluminum Try our GM 14 Bolt Disc Full Float Brake Caliper Adapter Bracket Pair for a simple, bolt-on conversion. The patented design provides the best ground clearance in the industry. 5 14-bolt will also have discs. They are very heavy. BUT the Ford 9" already has larger teeth than a Dana 60 so there is no advantage to the Dana 60s' 9. :D Is there a wide range of gears available for them? I'm liking the looks of 4. If you're going to swap the rear end, I'd say skip the dana 80 and put a chevy corporate 14 bolt in there. 125″. First on Angliss’ list was AxleTech’s line of portal wheel end conversion kits for the Dana 60 axle, GM 14-bolt, and Ford 10. Shawn 87 K5 few mods More Great 14-Bolt Articles. Dana 80 Hybrid (286 RBI) Axle Description. A whole slew of axles have been available to Jeep builders for decades, and Dana 60s are nothing new, however when Mopar included a set of direct bolt-on Dana 60s for the JK and JKU in their Jeep Performance Parts Catalog it changed With a modular approach in mind, the four bolt-on kits that are currently offered share the same portal box and brake, the adapater knuckle being unique to each axle. The Dana 80 has slots at the bottom of the side bearing outer race abutments in the housing. Ground Clearance Specifications ECGS DANA 80 - 6. 25/10. The base price includes: Brand New USA Made 14 Bolt Center Section with 4" x 1/2" (. recommended air systems; air compressors; tank systems; ring & pinions. Ground clearance. You find me a dana 60 with 10" ( and not the super 60 ring I'm talking rear factory axle's ) ring, a 3rd memeber supprot on the pinion, a 35 spline input pinion shaft, a two piece carrier with adajustble carrier bearing. 8 Lug and 3/4-1 ton Rearends. inc. Although it's weight that lowers the COG of your rig. Thanks, but I have a 14 bolt also. good luck doing anything other than welding your 80's spiders tho. With several distributions most gears and parts are only a day or two away. Applications are similar to the big GM 14-bolt and the Dana 70. 73 Ratio; Warranty. 42+s would be fine with any of the "big 3". Best axle for your swap, and how to identify it. Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. The Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is a direct bolt-in solution that delivers optimal strength, durability, and performance. The Sterling has more clearance than the D70 and 14 bolt by quite a bit, almost like a D60. This yoke is the same as the more expensive 3-4-11081-1X. View pricing, pictures and features on this vehicle. locker install kits; ring & pinion install That is why a GM 10. For 40's your should really step up to tons but I would argue that 37's on toy axles will give you the same ground clearance with less weight, cost, and headaches. The general rule of thumb for any 4x4 vehicle is for the front and rear ratios to be within 2% of each other (this amount is easily absorbed within the backlashes in the drivetrain) and the difference between 4. 14 bolt floater vs non floater 8 lug. As stated in a previous post this Hybrid design is composed of the Dana 80 center section and Dana 80 axle tubes, but the axle shafts and brake backing plate are from a Dana 70. 10 gears. 25; toyota 8" dana 30; dana 35; dana 44; dana 60; ford 8. The axle uses 11. The 286 Rear Beam-design Iron (RBI) axle housing consists of a iron center casting (differential housing) with axle tubes extending from the center section sides. 75” (10. Bias tire has a ply rating of 6 and a 990-lb maximum load at 90 psi. S'pose I'll keep an eye out for Dana 80 rear for when the rear blows. These are serious one-ton axles for heavy duty one-ton trucks and the locker that you use in them has to be heavy duty too - this is not the little LockRight you would see in a Dana 30 - this beefy locker weighs in at a hefty thirteen pounds all Hook up with Auburn Gear High Performance series differentials and outperform the competition! These differentials deliver superior performance through a unique cone-clutch design that transfers more power to the The D70 and 14 bolt will piss you off to no end. 90 gears, again the lower with the tow package. 73 gears and 33" bfg mt tires, a pretty tame hunting rig for the most part. 5 14 bolt 10. Shop ground domestic usa in stock and ready for shipping now online. Adequate clearance and fitment should be verified prior to purchase & installation. Share Thread. $395. Designed to fit most vehicles with Dana 80 differential, however each vehicle may have interfering parts with other components. Here is a list of components included with the Ultimate Dana 60™ • Ultimate Dana 60 Front Axle 5. 75-inch Dana 60 gears. You already have quality parts if you bought a Sierra kit. On 1999 and newer vehicles the patterned front cover will clear the steering linkage. the cost of a front Dana 60 and rear GM 141 bolt, (14-10. 25 inch of ground clearance on your GM 14 bolt rear axle. some 88-00 1 ton chevy's both single and duallies used the dana 80 and almost all 73-87 3/4 ton and 73-89 1 tons both single and duallie used the 14 bolt ff some duallies used the dana 70 but i dont think it was very many. All of Barnes axle parts and accessories are built with the DIYer in mind, with a focus on durability and affordable pricing. Includes 2 flanges in set. This information was gathered from several You love the performance of your off-road vehicle, but you want to protect it from rough trails so it keeps running smoothly. The Dana 70 and Dana 80 also utilize a different size bolt to retain the ring gear to the carrier. The Ultimate Dana 60™ front and rear axles feature improvements throughout that are designed to give you the edge across the most aggressive of terrains. Thanks for the info, but I have a couple more questions. Off Road Fabrication Parts from Barnes. The axle was designed to hold a larger differential and 10. The D60 uses a 9-3/4″ ring gear and huge bearings to support the pinion shaft. com – Classifieds across Wisconsin. The 13 bolt diff cover is designed to be an aggressive, low profile and bullet proof option for your Corporate GM 14 Bolt front or rear axle. Refer to ID guide and measurement diagram for specific dimensions. The folks at Mag-Hytec and any of their authorized suppliers know which trucks need spacers. Amc For Jeep Turbo Dana 290-401 400 Application, Transfer V-8 70's 4x4 Mid Case Case Dana 4x4 For 290-401 Application, Mid Transfer V-8 Jeep 70's Amc Turbo 400 The front and rear differentials in your Jeep are a vital part of the driveline. The axle tubes are pressed into the differential housing to form a one-piece axle housing assembly. -made bolt-in unit is lightweight and has higher ground clearance than its competitors. 5" 19 spline and (newer) 1. I would trust one with solid pinion shims over a Dana and the Sterling really shines in the fact it has more ground clearance than a D60. I would be more worried about the lack of ground clearance w/ 14" tires than anything Will dana 70 gears fit into a 14 The U. Core Axles ready to be rebuilt to your needs or specs. This information was gathered from several GROUND SHIPPING on Parts Orders CHROMOLY • SLIP YOKES - DANA SPICER ONLY Dana Spicer 2-70-18X Strap and Bolt set fits Dana 60, 61, 70 pinion yokes 1310 and Filthy Motorsports carries a wide range of parts, gears, and upgrades for the GM 10. The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon is as good on the trail as it looks on paper -- something we discovered in our first drive review. 25". Why is the 14 bolt better than the Dana 70 (RedDog), and why use a 135? I know the F450 and F550 have big Deisels but isn't a Dana 80 big enough. Mopar Dana 60 Axle Set. The Dana 300 is found in 1980-1986 Jeep vehicles. Ford 5-Speed Manuals Look at the Final Drive Ratiocharts and notice the great benefit in gear splitting withthe Gear Vendors. So, the right rear and left front wheels are spinning. 5") u-joints; axle tube seals; install kits. Spline Count: 40 PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock Click on image to view larger. Crane Axle - GM 13 Bolt Differential Cover JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Big tires? Big power? No problem! No other axle in existence handles this much torque, has this much ground clearance and is this lightweight. For example, if you are rock crawling and one wheel is in the air (complete loss of traction), the wheel on the ground will receive the engine power and keep you going. There are a lot of factors to deciding which axle is "best" for a SAS. This makes them an option for any number of vehicle customization projects, buggy builds, and even classic trucks. But there's more to its chops than extra ground clearance and Basically, my primary option for getting a more highway friendly rear is a 73-87 14-bolt rear, with the lower ratio I'm looking for primarily in diesel p/u's (a rarity, I bet) and Suburbans. The 14-bolt is 67 inches WMS to WMS and the 70HD is 73 inches. We can do anything you want to these axles, or you can buy them as-is. I still have to grind and clean up the edges. 14-bolt FF has less ground clearance than the d60. Some other options are the Toyota Land Cruiser, the 14 bolt Chevrolet, Dana 70’s, Dana 80’s (this one is truly HUGE), and the 8-3/4″ Chrysler. This cover allows you to shave the bottom of the housing for extra ground clearance. Part #: D80-FF. 5) plus the The D60 uses a 9-3/4″ ring gear and huge bearings to support the pinion shaft. And the important part is that the 14 bolt has a pinion support bearing on the end of the pinion, so it's almost indestructable for wheeling. Ships with a fill plug and mounting hardware. The Dana 80 is however a stronger axle plain and simple. 25-inch Dana 80 ring gears, comes with 4-inch tubing and can be had with either 0. View Details G2’s aluminum differential covers are engineered to protect your ring and pinion by cooling the gear oil, as well as providing additional protection from impact. These units are fully rebuildable and use Eaton type internal components. 5" / Corporate 14 Bolt axle including ring and pinion sets, rebuilt kits and bearings, differential covers, upgraded axle shafts, heavy duty u-joints, and more. 38" ring gear in a cold rolled, square tube, big bango circular housing that cannibalized ground clearance, added a ton of unsprung weight, and provided the biggest gearing balls hanging underneath any pickup style cabbed low profile truck on the road at the time. Also what is GM planning on using in the rear of their new 1 tons? The Duramax is supose to be more powerfull than a cummins or powerstroke. Parts are super cheap vs the Dana 80. The Following are additional BillaVista technical articles related to the 14-Bolt axle: 14-Bolt Disc Brakes V2. as im gathering parts for the second time on my 75 w200 for a cummins swap, i wanted to have a axle that will stand up to the power i want to put to the ground. the late 10. The massive 10. $320. 5 AAM Rear End for Your GM or Dodge (Part 1) better handling and improved ground clearance over the factory shock I have an old school Ford f250 Dana 44 up front 9" rear and I'm wondering if it's worth throwing money at the 44 or going with a 60. Supplies are limited, so shop now for unbelievable bargains! MAINTENANCE Check the valve clearance for the No. Add to Cart Turbo 400 For Jeep 4x4 Mid 70's Application, 290-401 Amc V-8 Dana Transfer Case. The bolt hole at the bottom was removed because the drain boss is best located there. Bottom line Buy a 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty Suspension Lift Kit at discount prices. Hey guys, currently I have a 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II Special. The Dynatrac ProRock 80™ is the ultimate rear axle upgrade. This diagonal wheel spin is very common. closest competition for the 70. 80 Full -Float Rear Axle bolt front axle vs dana 44 vs Dana 60 rear vs. 25-inch or 0. 6 lbs). Motobilt 13 Bolt Differential Cover Metric 8mm Ribbed Housing BoltsThe Motobilt 13 bolt diff cover allows for an extra 1. My impression is that yes only one Dana 80 is offered in the Dodge application. This one actually has more seal clearance. By following these instructions This 14 bolt 10 1/2-inch differential cover uses 12 of the 14 bolts. I can slide over stuff with my 39s that friends with 14 bolts hang all over with the same tires. From the width I assume it was a dually pickup. The 14B has very poor ground clearance. The Mag-Hytec Dana 70 cover will not interfere with the stock sway bar in the dodge trucks. For over 80 years, the $50. The Motobilt 13 bolt diff cover allows for an extra 1. 5" 14 bolt axles are common in junkyards. 9 lbs vs 80. Dana 70 vs Dana 60 vs 14 bolt rear axle. The 12" diameter x 4" wide steel trailer wheel features a 5 on 4-1/2 bo Jeep Dana Model 18; Jeep Dana Model 20; Jeep Dana Model 300; AX5 to the Jeep Dana Model 300; T90 to the Jeep Dana Model 20; Automatic Transmissions. What are the pro and cons. Originally Posted by trhought Or, take @ DesertDog 's idea from awhile ago and build some false platforms around the seating pieces to not only hide Research the 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara in Prime Motor Group, MA at Prime Motor Group. At the top of the cover another bolt hole was removed. VIN 5UXWX5C57CL724229 The only downsides to a 60 are clearance, cost, and to a degree, weight. We have sold many of these and have never had a problem with You got a Jeep because you wanted a rugged vehicle that could handle the roughest terrain without falling apart. I big down fall 10. The big axles were offered with both 4. 5" (14 Bolt) 3. 38 First on Angliss’ list was AxleTech’s line of portal wheel end conversion kits for the Dana 60 axle, GM 14-bolt, and Ford 10. 56" tube, the 60 is 3. Specifically, it was under a late 80's Chevy K2500 pulling a gooseneck trailer with 4 cords of green oak firewood - the guy delivering the wood had a few screws loose - definitely don't try this at home. For GM 9. Many Wrangler owners will trim the bottom of the 10. If you want a really low gearset, the 70 can be geared all the way down to around 7:1. For the Dana 80 cover, 4X4 trucks do not have a clearance problem but 2WD trucks may require a space to clear the factory stabilizer (sway) bar. A 14 bolt's great features come at a cost - they're strong, but also heavy. TH350 to the Jeep Dana Model 18; Jeep Dana Model 20; Jeep Dana Model 300; Jeep NP 208, 219, 229; Jeep NP 207, 231, 241OR, 242; TH400 to the Jeep Dana Model 18; Jeep Dana Model 20; Jeep 400 4 bolt main in Wausau, Wisconsin at AmericanListed. 56 gears and a HD Dana 44 front. 75" ring gear vs the Fords' 9" ring gear. I also am looking at running front and rear Dana 44's which may be a little small for 40's. The one piece folded steel body is laser cut from 1/4" steel plate. 17 range this is still a very strong differential. 5 14 bolt has such huge teeth with very little pinion offset. 5" 14 bolt differential housing to maximize ground clearance. On 37s with a 360 and any kind of hard wheeling, chromoly shafts are a must for a 44, and there's no guarantee that they'll hold up. Well I can get a DANA 70 or a 4 bolt for the rear of my buggy for the same money. Plus, gearing can go lower than the 14 bolt. Dana 80 The Dana 80 SRW is one from Dynatrac a buddy had purchased and put in his '01, now selling the truck. Matching Front Cover — both Dana 80 covers have matching front covers. 3. 00 Choose Options Dana 44 Powergrip 30 Spline Posi LSD 4-Series New Clutch type posi differential provides aggressive yet smooth traction, perfect for street and performance applications. 8; gm 10 bolt (8. This is a dramatic change in ground clearance; more ground clearance than switching from 35-inch to 44-inch tires on your vehicle! Dana 44 axle tube diameter ranges from 2. the downfall is the price. Due to the popularity of GM trucks and vans, 10. 6875”) well i would think this is an easy answer. We picked up a parts truck a few weeks ago for 500 bucks with a 14 bolt in the rear with an open case and 4. what is the biggest/most power full application these axles were used stock. 13's as the lowest gears available. uk / The Solution For Lost Motorcycle Coded Keys Bajaj Avenger 150 Street vs FKM StreetFighter 165 SF Bikes comparison in Bangladesh. 25” lower overall profile. They also happen to be one of the lowest hanging components in the driveline, putting them in danger of being smashed into rocks and other obstacles on the trail. 25 inch off of the bottom of the axle. The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set™ is for Jeep Wrangler JL owners who will not settle for anything less than the very best drivetrain durability, quality and extreme performance for running tires in diameters from 37- to 44-inches. 5″ to 3″, while the Dana 60 axle tube diameter is 3. Check out how to pick the best Rear Axle for your Muscle Car with this Rear Axle Swap on a Chevy Chevelle, Our axles are a GM 12 Bolt, a Ford 9 Inch and a Dana 60, Featured in the June 2008 issue Highest measured ground clearance of any 60 on the market (and that’s including the integrated skid plate), guess the other guys have trouble reading a tape measure; Load bolt eliminates ring gear deflection, dramatically increasing the ring gear's torque capacity; Large front pinion bearing to handle the increased load of high pinion geometry Should the right rear wheel have lost traction due to a height difference on the trail or some slippery situation as snow or mud, the left front wheel will also lose traction and spin even though the ground under the front axle is level. Re: Sterling 10. The Dana 80 4x4 differential takes 5+ quarts of lube (the 4x2 takes about 3-1/2 quarts). Even with ratios in the 7. co. 14 bolts are currently limited to 5. The purpose of this thread is to layout a complete list of stock specifications found on the Wrangler TJ. 14 bolt shafts are 1. Setting up the Dana 80 will cost more. Dana 44 vs Dana 60: Center Section 14 Bolts are cheap and easy to find Dana 80 / 14 Bolt Cons Ground clearance suckscan be shaved to gain clearance IMO, if it were me, and you were planning on running a 44" to 46" tire, and built 14 bolt or Dana 80 would be my choice. ring and pinions cost an insane 400 to 700 bones plus an install kit is another 200. Featuring a huge selection of Driveline and Axle parts - in stock and ready to ship today! Product Review Mag-Hytec Diff Covers: Trucks & 4x4 : A differential cover is often overlooked when it comes to the axles. 3 cyl- Record the No. Tire size, links or leafs, steering type (hydro or steering box), budget. C-ya www Check out how to pick the best Rear Axle for your Muscle Car with this Rear Axle Swap on a Chevy Chevelle, Our axles are a GM 12 Bolt, a Ford 9 Inch and a Dana 60, Featured in the June 2008 issue When operating off-road, the LOCK-RIGHT will always send the engine power to the wheels that need it most. * CNC Plasma Cut Flange * Jig Drilled Holes and Bores * Counterbored Mounting Holes * Fixtured Welded Assembly * All Joints 100% Mig Welded * Unique Back Welded Bore Through Design * Matting Surface is Blanchard Ground * Aluminum Oxide Blasted * Phosphate Cleaned & Primed * Powered Coated The Spider Differential Rock Guard is a premium rock guard that protects your ring gear and keeps your Alright heres my situation, i have a 71 blazer thats about to get a pair of 3/4 ton axles. . I'm wondering about a rear Dana 60 that I may use instead of a 14 bolt if the ground clearance is more. Most wheelers in lighter vehicles don't need the strength (and resulting weight penalty) of a 1/2" axle tube. The flange is 3/8-inch thick and blanchard ground to be flat and smooth. 5-inch Tundra rear ring gear, comparable to a 14-bolt or Dana 70. 30 spline 1 9/16" shafts with a Re: dana 80 vs 14 bolt single wheel I agree with you guys the Dana 80 is definitely stronger but around here the 14 bolt is more common and easier to find parts for. The result is a Dana 60 with almost exactly the same ground clearance as the Dana 44, within a 1/16" that is. We are the premiere place for 1st gen and 2nd gen Dodges as well as a great source for newer models as well. These images show this PML differential cover compared to the stock cover. The Rubicon meant you were safe to run 35's, the Dana 60 takes you to 40's and beyond. The ring gear is an inch smaller, but the ground clearance is marginally better I'd think. 10 and 3. 56 gears for the Dana 80 and came up empty handed. Featuring a number of upgrades for added on-trail durability, plus added strength wherever you take your vehicle, the Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is built to meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts. My custom diff guards are built to match the shaved diffs. The 14 bolt is a great axle, just not quite as strong as an 80. This is a genuine Dana pinion yoke for a 1410 series u-joint that fits Dana 80 rear differentials. amc 20; chrysler 8. Since most are found with the tow package, the majority will be 4. Get Free Shipping on Driveline and Axle products at Speedway Motors. However, the Dodge Dana 80 is a "hybrid" or Modified version of the genuine Dana 80. I had a friend following me and said that I just cleared so many rocks, and I drove the rig like I had a Dana 44 under it. 00. people have been complaining about D70's having pinion problems which is why i want an 80 or aam 11. No additional cross members and you retain the factory ground clearance instead ofmoving the transfer case rearward which puts it at or nearer the middle of the wheelbasewhere ground clearance is most critical. Startracks Severe Duty F-550 Stage 1 and Stage 2 (Also called F554 Extreme and F554 Pro) trucks are built with military technology for civilian applications for extreme traction, stability, high payload capabilities and clearance in a low profile truck. steve differential eng. 42 gears and the 70HD has 4. So, I take it the 14-bolt is a corporation rear rather than a Dana The Mag-Hytec Dana 70 cover will not interfere with the stock sway bar in the dodge trucks. The 727 has unusually large girth and a wide pan, which interferes with the front, passenger-drop driveshaft of narrow-track Jeeps with Dana 20's and Dana 300's. AND DANA 300 26 SPLINE*** Driveline emergency brake kits: F-350/Excursion Shafts One Ton C/V And Flanges . The new Dynatrac ProRock XD60 ® starts with a center section cast from high-strength nodular iron. 30 ring-and-pinions. 2009 Black Rubicon Unlimited EVO Long Arm w/Envy Links you will lose a bit of ground clearance (not all that much really Ultimate Rear Axle Build: A Super-Strong 11. 50" vs the 14 bolt's neck down to 1. High Angle Drivline-Call Jesse at 530-877-2875 - My Buildup sand car tech . Reasonable prices for Ground Domestic Usa. im going to go with the 80 simply because its way bigger and in stock application it is in vehicles with higher gvw's and substantialy more power than any stock 14bolt application. A Detroit Locker for a 14-bolt is about the cheapest one available, as it replaces the center section of an standard open carrier. So my choices are 4 inches wider than stock, or 10 inches wider. 8; gm 10 bolt; air systems . GM 14 Bolt Rear RCV Axles; Rear Full Float Drive Flange Kit for Dana 80 & 14 Bolt Axle Housings - 40 Spline . General. 14 Bolts are cheap and easy to find Dana 80 / 14 Bolt Cons Ground clearance suckscan be shaved to gain clearance IMO, if it were me, and you were planning on running a 44" to 46" tire, and built 14 bolt or Dana 80 would be my choice. If you plan on 39+s, then the D70 or 14 bolt would be OK. 5 ton axle and isnt The Resurrection Kit is a bolt together axle kit that allows you to gain more ground clearance and strength out of your 14 Bolt axle. I’ve always wanted a cruiser and I think I’m ready to sell this Guzzi and go for a cruiser. Find Tranmission and Drivetrain Parts For Sale Online. 5") gm 14 bolt (10. 5 Sterlings are the finest built IMO. I have an old school Ford f250 Dana 44 up front 9" rear and I'm wondering if it's worth throwing money at the 44 or going with a 60. 375-inch thick wall tubing. On older trucks, the straight fins cover will clear the ring gear. the dodge is the best source to find a dana 80 The 14-bolt has 3. Jeep gets wheeled regularly and soon all over the country, not just here in TX. Drive flanges are backed by our "No Questions Asked Limited Lifetime Warranty". The heavy tube fork was used on the snow plow dodge dana 60 front for several years, it was used on the ford bottom load dana 60 front in '76 and '77. It just has a little different dust shield on it. 50-inch axles, “Our unique bolt-on portal wheel end conversion kits were designed specifically for the high torque and low ground clearance requirements of motorsports applications,” says Angliss. The pinion nut on 80s is also bigger, and takes 440 ft-lb, instead of 250 ft-lb. This will fit GM, Ford, and Dodge applications. 1 INTAKE VALVES VALVE CLEARANCE: in shim selection if Page 80 Manuals by Motomatrix / www. I suppose the real comparison would be to the Dana 80, but my exposure to that axle is mostly seeing them in traffic. 5 Ford Sterling and Dodge Dana 80 Ford Dana 80 Of all the axles listed the 10. Dana 70s are also good but have comparatively limited ratio and locker availability, while Dana 80s are generally overkill and can hurt ground clearance more than the others. I am thinking of running 37's or 40's not sure yet. A dana 80 is definately the beef. Looks more like a 12 bolt now. 5 INCH RING GEAR Barnes Shave Cover- Eliminates Bottom Bolt Housing is Ground . Now i know that i want a D60 for the front but, right now BK 14 Bolt Differential SHAVE Cover W/hardware: BK Dana 60 Differential Cover W/Hardware: BK Dana 80 Differential Cover W/Hardware: Busted Knuckle 14 bolt diff covers are the best of the best! 3/8" thick steel and can take everything you can throw at it. We narrow, install gears, lockers, high-steer, etc! RCV Performance Rear Drive Flange Kits for your Dana 80 & 14 Bolt Full Floater Setup. 5" a side to fit. It is one of the most respected transfer cases and is regarded as the gold standard by casual Jeepers up through the enthusiasts. Dana 60 rear vs. The Novak Guide to the Dana Spicer Model 300 Transfer Case. I was told the Dana was from a mid-80's GM Diesel pickup, though I've not looked up the BOM number from it. The ECGS steering 14 bolt features the highest quality parts available on the market. The rear end has a slight bit more ground clearance than a full sized center Dana 60 HD Diff Cover (Welded) We have redesigned the fabricated steel diff cover to be easier to assemble. The 80 uses grade 9 bolts torqued to 200-240 ft-lb. 3 INTAKE VALVES inder intake valves using a feeler gauge. 5" 30 spline, Dana 70 (older) are 1. 09 and 4. once you get one a detroit locker runs from 550 to 625 bones. Configurations vary and lifted trucks might have different clearance. Beefier housing, larger carrier, larger ring gear, and I think the shafts are also larger diameter, a true 1. When you are climbing grades you will have a gear between 2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th that is ideal for keeping the engine in the power and the torque multiplication up. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - 400 4 bolt main listings. Ford Dana 70 Disc Brake Bracket, SRW This is the bracket for your Ford D70 & D70U, it actually fits! The D70 was used by all of the Big 3 automakers at one time or another and they all had different uses and brake designs specifically for them. The advantage of this Dynatrac Portal Axle is that the gear reduction at the hub moves the axle centerline up five inches. the dodge is the best source to find a dana 80 Speaking of diffs, I just shaved my rear 14 bolt. 5 35 spline. The low-pinion housing was designed to give far more clearance, handle more torque and be lighter weight. 5 ton axle and isnt A steering front Dana 80 would be stronger but I doubt op is wanting to spend that kind of money. 5 Dana 70 and 10. The rear end has a slight bit more ground clearance than a full sized center In my case i was using the Gm 12 bolt version so in all fairness i can't say what a D-60 or 14-bolt units are like. 14 bolts Typically have a 1/2" thick axle tube and the typical 14 bolt is probably about twice the weight of a Dana 35. 30:1. 1-inch ring gear, providing a 16 percent strength increase over 9. They both have the same ring gear size, same diameter shafts but the 70 is 35 spline and the 14 bolt is 30. Now, Dynatrac offers the ProRock 80, the biggest and baddest of them all. More Great 14-Bolt Articles. The Dana 135 was a huge and heavy monster rear end, with a 14. 10 and 4. both have locker options and Crawlpedia is an off-road encyclopedia featuring a complete list of proper ring and pinion gear set up torque and backlash specs. Installations. View pictures, specs, and pricing on our huge selection of vehicles. The advantage now lies with the Ford 9" due to better ground clearance. 367". They are pretty much equal in every way, except for the sterling having much larger wheel bearings, the sterling has dana 80 sized wheelbearings(and also takes the same hub socket) The 14 bolt uses smaller dana 60 sized bearings. But there's more to its chops than extra ground clearance and Differential Repair and Installation Instructions Please read completely before beginning! You can expect many years and many miles of dependable use from your differential if it is set up properly and if you use only top quality parts. Dana 70 has bigger, thicker axle tubes and more ground clearance than a 14 FF. I have a 96 Toyota T100 SR5 extended cab and I am planning on doing an SAS. 11 gears in the other. Price, Full Specs, Colors, Photos and Reviews. The minor diameter of the 30 spline axle shafts of a 14 bolt are also smaller than that of a 35 spline sterling. B. it sports over an 11 inch ring and hugh axle tubes. Experienced axle builders can adapt this portal wheel end to any axle with the use of an aftermarket high-strength Dana 60 inner “C” and the appropriate axle shaft changes. And Dana 80 in the rear They have better ground clearance than a 14 bolt also. Your dead wrong, My shaved 14 bolt has a 1/4 more ground clearance than my HP 60 front. 5" 14-bolt should bolt into the same place as that 11. And finally, I made the trip to the Hammers just after Christmas. When you want to add differential covers to protect your rings and pinions from impact while off-roading, turn to 4 Wheel Parts provide you with the parts you need for the lowest prices. 5. dana 60 front; dana 60, 70, 80 rear; ford 8. 25 inch off All our kits bolt directly to the rear of the transfer case and are electronically locked out during 4x4 operation. 73 Ratio Differential Ring and Pinion for 9. The only downsides to a 60 are clearance, cost, and to a degree, weight. Pro Rock 60 vs Pro Rock 80; 14 PM. 09 gears in one axle and 4. 125 tube. 5 (Inch) (14 Bolt) GM95373 Application Notes. Housings come bare with no brackets. 38 • Ultimate Dana 60 Rear Axle 5. Motorcycle Features Compare in Bangladesh. 15 minutes with a sawzall. I was amazed at how well this rear end did. -The most ground clearance -A width between 63" to 65" The 60 wins here, but with a shave kit, the 14 bolt is the better option-Better design The 14 bolt is the heavier designed diff, it has an extra pinion bearing the really adds strength, bigger and heavier duty ring and pinion. 500") DOM tubes and inner axle seals. The cast ductile iron center section is 12% lighter (70. clearance for each valve for reference No. I ran one in my 1978 Jimmy with a 310 motor sm465 np205 d44 frt 12bolt rear 3. dana 80 vs 14 bolt ground clearance

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